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Priya Ramasubban believes that some people in the world excel at one or two things, and then there are those who may not be superlative at anything but are somewhat decent at many things.


Whether it is through making  films for National Geographic, PBS, Discovery, Netflix, or her grit in making a multiple award-winning independent feature film, or her environmental activism that spearheaded the rejuvenation of over 200 acres of lakes in Bangalore (recognized by the Niti Ayog Ministry, Stockholm University, and Nobel Prize-winner Elinor Ostrom), or her passion for international cooking that she has translated into a socially-responsible catering service, or her expertise in communication and filmmaking that gets her invited to teach courses at India’s most prestigious design institute (NID), or her willingness to give unfettered access to the local community where she spends hours a week sharing her knowledge and resources to help people in need– Priya is not just a go-getter, she is a go-giver. She gives wholeheartedly and passionately to any endeavor she embarks on while positively investing in her community in any way possible.


Since her net is cast wide across many fields, she is an ideal person to run workshops, conduct training sessions, and frequently gives talks on communication, gender/inclusion/diversity, filmmaking, design thinking, cooking, environmental activism, and corporate social responsibility.

"I have never met another person like Priya Ramasubban. Intuitively intelligent, emotionally aware, ferociously compassionate and uncompromisingly creative... she is one of the film industry's leading producers, writers and directors. Her voice is fresh, unique and deeply passionate no matter the subject she takes on. For many, social justice is merely a cause. For Priya it is the rhythm of her pulse."

Max Salomon

Multiple Emmy-winning French-American Director/Producer

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