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Cooking for a Cause

I have a deep love for food. I enjoy creating it, sharing it, and, of course, savoring it. Moreover, I relish exploring various cuisines. As a committed vegetarian, I used to encounter challenges when dining in many countries. So, no matter where I traveled, I engaged in conversations with locals to discover dishes that could be 'vegetarianized.' My passion for cooking only grew stronger with each new country I visited.

I came across a few single parents from underprivileged backgrounds who face significant challenges in providing education for their children. I wanted to do something to help them. So I decided to utilize my passion for cooking to raise funds for them. I prepare vegetarian and vegan plates for those interested in exploring diverse culinary traditions, using the proceeds to support their education.

"Our lazy Sundays have been exciting with the variety Priya’s cooking has been bringing to our weekends. What is best is Priya recommends we carry our boxes making it more sustainable and living her purpose completely. Truly inspired by awesome food being served and how."

Shivani Razdan

Sr. Consultant at TC

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